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so_out_of_focus's Journal

in any other world...
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icons, graphics

. a b o u t m e
my name is ania. this is my graphics journal.
my graphics are almost all about my fandoms.
every now and then i'll post some resources.

feel free to watch/join this journal if you like what you see.

. i n t e r e s t s
supernatural. jensen ackles. harry potter. twilight. period dramas. north&south. richard armitage. merlin. bradley james.

. r u l e s
. graphics: no hotlinking/ no editing/ please comment/ credit is obligatory
. resources: please comment/do not re-post and claim as your own/credit not obligatory but appreciated

. l i n k s

. c r e d i t s
. journal layout by milou-veronica
. moodtheme by karmalicious84 @ cadilicious
. userinfo layout by ayan-desu
. original profile code by whatever_stuff

. e x a m p l e s o f m y g r a p h i c s


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